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Corner unit
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The New and Improved Legacy offers the following benefits to the user:
– Improved shaft, with square locator to reduce risk of unscrewing of shaft
– Improved and hardened cast iron wheel
– Flange on bottom of wheel to promote chain elevation, reducing wear on the base plate
– Double bearing shaft system, sealed with oil seal to avoid dust entering shaft area and creating wear
– Rust prevention layers on shaft
– Rust prevention layers in paint process
– Transparent polycarbonate lid for durability and improved visibility of corner unit
– Improved link leveller rail system

Additional information
Trough inlet:
– 86.4 mm max trough outside width
– 81 mm min trough inside width
– 64.5 mm maximum trough height


Corner unit
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Legacy 90° Corner Unit

NEW and improved Legacy Corner unit.
Technical Systems’ Corner unit will provide for a trouble-free operation in a feeding system, to distribute feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout any feeding configuration.
The corner unit integrates with most universally accepted through systems.

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