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Egg Grading Machines

Manual egg grading is an unreliable and outdated method that misses around 20% of low-quality products. Manual grading is considered acceptable only for small households, but if we are talking about a poultry plant or a large industrial farm, the supply of the non-confirming products to the market will inevitably affect the reputation of the company and the overall profitability of the business. The optimal solution to ensure the high-quality grading of products is the use of automated egg grading systems. Such units enable optimization of the grading processes and ensure strict compliance with the quality standards and requirements for food products, thus consistently boosting the profitability of the poultry business.

In our catalog, you may find high-tech advanced egg grading machines, egg packing and processing lines by NABEL (Japan). The equipment, which is successfully used in many countries of Europe and Asia, stands out from the similar devices thanks to its high performance and reliability. TEXHA is the official authorized representative of NABEL on the domestic market.

NABEL Egg Grading Machines: Types and Unique Features

Egg grading is a key product processing stage, so it requires a special approach and the use of high-performance equipment. At our Online Store, we offer different types of egg grading machines with various capacity rating:

  • CANOPUS – a unit with a capacity of up to 240 thousand eggs/hour; the system uses automated egg unloading, grading and tray packing processes after the non-conforming eggs are rejected.
  • MEX – a unit with a capacity of up to 30 thousand eggs/hour; the system uses automated egg unloading and well-organized tray packing processes. The equipment also has an extra automated egg flow rate control feature.
  • NWG 1000 – an egg grading machine with the capacity of up to 10 thousand eggs/hour. The equipment operation is based on the unique technology developed using the magnetism principle. The unit sorts the egg by weight and is perfectly suitable for smaller poultry farms.

Each egg grading machine by NABEL complies with the highest international quality standards. The equipment we offer significantly improves the speed and efficiency of the egg grading processes and the poultry plant, while minimizing the product loss and the labor intensity of the staff.

Benefits of NABEL Egg Grading Machines

NABEL egg grading machines ensure high-quality processing of product regardless of the laying hen management conditions. The functionality of the units includes the following features:

  • Denesting;
  • Careful handling of eggs from trays to the conveyor;
  • Weighting;
  • Egg grading by categories;
  • Non-conforming product removal;
  • Washing, drying and disinfection;
  • Packing and labeling of the products.

NABEL equipment ensures the high speed and coordination of the egg grading and packing processes without a need to involve multiple operators. The units can operate within the wide temperature range from 0 to +40°С (operation humidity depends on the model – up to 90%).

Complex Egg Grading and Processing Equipment for Poultry Plants

Most grading machines often perform only a specific product processing step. In order to ensure a complex approach, you may need to use the additional equipment. At our Online Store, you may find the following units:

  • Washing Machines. These ergonomic and easy-to-use machines will help you to significantly reduce the energy and water costs. The available models have a capacity ranging between 3750 and 10 thousand eggs / hour.
  • Sterilizers. The egg shell disinfection is performed using the UV rays, which efficiently eliminate even the most resistant bacteria. Regular product sterilization prevents the spread and propagation of pathogens not only on the eggs, but also on the machinery.
  • Quality Control Machines. It is impossible to ensure the accurate egg grading at the poultry plant without use of the quality control instruments. The devices we offer calculate and check the egg weight, albumin height and yolk color. The grading principle is based on the doctor R. Haugh’s concept.
  • Automated Dirt Detector. High-speed visual scanning allows to immediately detect even the smallest contaminations and reject the contaminated eggs with high accuracy.
  • Automated Crack Detectors. These machines use acoustic testing technology to evaluate the acoustic and weight characteristics of the egg and detect even the smallest damages that are impossible to see with the naked eye. These machines also support the function of the egg grading by categories.
  • Packing Lines. These machines are used to automate the egg packing process. The capacity of the available packing lines reaches up to 40 thousand eggs/hours. The machines are easy to operate and maintain.
  • Autoloaders. These machines are essential for careful loading of the graded eggs on the conveyor.

Before shipment to the customer’s facility, the equipment passes comprehensive quality testing. For your convenience, the machines are delivered as the assembled units.

Benefits of Ordering Egg Processing Machinery at TEXHA Online Store n

At our Online Store, you may find the best technological solutions that allow you to organize productive, economical systems of complex product processing on both large poultry plants and small farms. To be fully confident in the quality of each unit, our specialists conduct a step-by-step quality control of the equipment for compliance with the specified characteristics. This approach allows us to offer you extremely reliable, highly efficient equipment, which will serve you for a long time. All NABEL equipment comes with a manufacturer\’s warranty.

To get more detailed information about the proposed equipment, or learn more about the ordering terms, please, feel free to contact us by calling the phone number indicated on the website or use our callback service