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Chicken Drinkers

Creation of optimal conditions for drinking of the flock at the industrial poultry factory or at the home poultry farm is one of the key stages for implementation of an efficient broiler chicken, pullet and laying hen farming processes.  As the evidence from practice shows, use of the improvised open containers is not feasible or cost-efficient: the chickens almost immediately turn over the bowl causing the liquid to spill on the floor, the feed and the litter. This results in the excessive use of water and creates poor hygienic conditions in the aviary with a potential to cause a disease outbreak among the flock. This problem can be successfully solved through use of the automated poultry drinking equipment with closed-type nipple drinkers.   

TEXHA offers the drinking systems suitable for use at the poultry plants and poultry plants of any scale. Each automated poultry drinker has a unique multi-purpose functional design compatible with both the deep-litter and the cage-based flock management methods. The system enables consistent supply of the birds with the sufficient quantities of the potable water and strict control of the liquid consumption driving the significant cost savings for business.

Automated Chicken Drinkers: Unique System Features

At TEXHA Online Store, you may order the state-of-art poultry drinking equipment and the necessary components for implementation of production processes for farming of chickens and chicks of any age.

  • Automated drinking systems, including a nipple chicken drinker, a water treatment, the lengthwise drinking lines, equipped with the pressure regulators and the terminal nodes, as well as the water distribution system for lengthwise lines.
  • Water purification filters used to remove any mechanical impurities from the water. The use of two filters connected in parallel ensures uninterrupted liquid supply even during the maintenance of one of the devices.
  • Pressure gauges used to control the pressure readings in the system and analyze the filter performance are installed before and after the filters.
  • Flow meters required for prompt management of the liquid consumption (the collected data are used to analyze the flock condition).
  • Medicators used to supplement the waters with various dietary additives and medications.
  • Drinking pipes are used to supply the liquid. The components are equipped with the special bulge at the nipple screwing-in point to ensure more reliable connection.
  • Drop catcher used to boost the water savings.
  • Components and accessories (brackets, couplings).

The chicken drinkers and the drinking system components are manufactured of the top-tier oxidation-resistant materials, such as the stainless steel and the high-quality plastic. The products show high performance and reliability even under high operating loads. 

Benefits of TEXHA Closed Poultry Drinkers

Thanks to the closed design, the nipple poultry drinkers enable consistent supply of clean and fresh water, contributing to the creation of the optimal flock management conditions:

  • The ergonomic drinker design ensures smooth and even water supply, as well as easy access to the liquid by the birds;
  • All chickens have the guaranteed access to the water regardless of the age;
  • In addition to clean water supply, the poultry drinkers also can be used for administration of food supplements and medicines;
  • The space around the drinks is kept dry, since the liquid is preventing from spilling (where applicable, the device can be equipped with the drop catcher);
  • The devices efficiently prevent water leaks and waste;
  • The required liquid temperature is consistently maintained;
  • The automated poultry drinkers are easy and convenient to maintain, install and use under any climatic conditions;
  • Since the water consistently flows through the drinkers, thus flushing the pipe, the internal surfaces of the device always remain clean.

TEXHA nipple drinkers are made of the high-quality oxidation-resistant materials, such as the stainless steel and the plastic, which ensures the durability and the reliability of the devices, as well as the compliance with the highest international standards.

Benefits of Ordering Poultry Drinkers at TEXHA Online Store

TEXHA Online Store offers a wide range of the state-of-art high-performing equipment for poultry plants, poultry businesses and home poultry farms. At our catalogue, you may find both the ready-to-use solutions and individual components for retrofitting of the existing systems.

  • TEXHA equipment is produced at the in-house manufacturing site using the innovative technological attitudes.
  • Each poultry drinker passes the multi-stage quality control process.
  • All products are covered by the warranty with a period of up to 3 years depending on the product type.
  • Fast delivery to any region of most countries of the World (including door-to-door delivery to your company’s warehouse).

TEXHA equipment is the state-of-art reliable solutions to satisfy any unique needs of the poultry farming businesses.

Please, feel free to contact us by calling the telephone number indicated on the website, by ordering the callback via website feedback form or using any other means available to learn more about the poultry drinker ordering or check the availability of the required equipment