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Poultry Plant Fans

Correctly implemented poultry plant ventilation system directly affects performance and profitability of the poultry business. In particular, if the proper ventilation and favorable climatic conditions are ensured at the facility, this will result in faster growth and development of the flock, boost the poultry immunity and resistance to various fungal and infectious diseases.

The key elements of the poultry plant ventilation system are the fans, The proper selection and correct installation of the fans will help to simultaneously solve a number of tasks:

  • Create high-quality ventilation of the poultry plant;
  • Ensure continuous inflow of the fresh air and air purification against the biological impurities;
  • Elimination of the air stagnation problem;
  • Maintenance of the stable temperature conditions.

In our catalogue, you may find various fan models for poultry fans and other industrial facilities, as well as additional equipment for arrangement of the efficient ventilation systems and creation of the favorable microclimate conditions (inlet louvers, wall-mounted fresh air valves, servo motors, exhaust ventilation trunks for premises of any size).

Poultry Plant Fans: Common Types and Unique Features

TEXHA offers several poultry plant fan types to create the favorable microclimate conditions for farming broiler chickens, pullets, breeders and laying hens. At our online store, you may find the following equipment types:

  • Axial Exhaust Fans for Poultry Plants. These fans are used for arrangement of the ventilation systems at the utility areas, where the intense air circulation is required. The fan design consists of the housing, case, electric motor, impeller and the guarding grill. The axial fans drive the air exhaust flow: when the vanes are rotating, the air is caught and moved in the axial rotation The equipment is made of the roll-formed galvanized steel shapes, which ensure the high corrosion resistance properties of the product, The special louvers prevent the inflow of the outside air to the facility, thus eliminating the risk of the drafts.
  • Inflow Louvers with Electric Drive. These devices are used in the tunnel ventilation systems. They are installed at the end of the building, on the side opposite to the poultry plant exhaust fan installation side. The inflow louvers drive the air out of the facility with the adjustable air flow rate. The equipment is made of galvanized steel and has a sophisticated design that eliminates the risk of condensation and freezing during the cold season.
  • Poultry Plant acceleration Fan. These fans are used for even and homogenous air mixing inside the facility. The fan housing is made of galvanized steel with the special polymer powder caoting. The impeller vanes can be made of galvanized steel or composite materials. The equipment has the perforated mounting flanges on both sides of the housing for easy attachment.
  • Heat Fans. These fans are used in the utility premises with high humidity and dust content in the air. The poultry plant heat fans support adjustment of the temperature and humidity values. The dives can be cleaned with compressed air jets. Thanks to the special equipment design, the fan operation does not burn oxygen or produce carbon dioxide, while reducing the CO2 level generated from the litter. The heat fans have durable housing resistant to the environmental impacts and ensure the cost-efficient operation. 

The poultry plant fans by TEXHA can be used not only at the large industrial poultry facility, but also at the medium and small poultry farms, including the private businesses.

Benefits of Ordering Poultry Plant Fans at Our Website

TEXHA is a major manufacturer and supplier of reliable and durable equipment for arrangement of ventilation systems of any complexity. We study the needs of the poultry business owners in detail and offer only the best solutions to optimize the production processes, boost the plant performance and improve the business profitability. When ordering the equipment at our Online Store, you receive a number of undisputable benefits:

  • High quality of the goods. The poultry plant fans by TEXHA are made of the high-quality materials at the state-of-art own manufacturing sites. Each device passes the strict quality control and multilevel testing to ensure compliance with the highest international quality standards.
  • All products are covered by warranty. All poultry plant fans are covered by warranty with the period of up to 1 year. If any factory defects are discovered, we will replace the equipment or refund its cost.
  • Affordable prices. The equipment is shipped directly from our warehouses, so the equipment price does not include any retails or agency margins. Moreover, we offer the flexible discount system for sales of wholesale equipment quantities.
  • Prompt delivery to any region to most countries of the World. Regardless of whether you order a one single poultry house exhaust fan or full set of the equipment required to arrange the ventilation system from scratch, you can be sure that the product will be timely delivered within the agreed deadlines.
  • Individual approach. Besides sales of the equipment, our company also provides the services for development of the customized solutions and non-standard designs to meet the unique needs of your peculiar business.

To order the poultry plant fans, learn more about the scope of supply and technical specification of the selected products, please calls our contact telephone number. Our expert manager will advise you on all the matters of interest and assist you with placing your order.