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Poultry House Ventilation System

Even in the large area poultry enclosures, the birds are usually contained dense and crowded. Therefore, lack of the correct ventilation system at the facility will result in the continuous rise of the temperature and humidity, as well as the air contamination with the undesired particulates, such as down, feathers and dust. Such conditions may have a highly negative impact on the flock condition: even minor temperature, humidity and air composition deviations may compromise the poultry development, cause frequent disease outbreaks and result in poor survival. Therefore, the poultry businesses may suffer significant losses.

Poultry plant ventilation system by TEXHA is a state-of-art solution to control the climatic conditions, quality and air composition at the poultry plant, as well as to solve  number of key tasks:

  • Help to maintain the desired temperature at the facility and adjust the temperature conditions depending on the season and the age of the flock;
  • Ensure proper ventilation and eliminate a problem with the air stagnation zones at the facility;
  • Eliminate the risk of drafts;
  • Adjust the air circulation rate during the facility aeration;
  • Avoid the issue with the elevated carbon dioxide levels;
  • Maintain the desired air humidity level.

The forced ventilation systems may be used at the poultry plants that utilize various farming methods regardless of the flock age and type (broiler chickens, pullets, breeders, laying hens).

Ventilation System for Poultry Plants and Other Industrial Premises: Common Types

In order to arrange an efficient ventilation system at the facility, it is essential to select the correct ventilation system type depending on the climatic conditions in your region, the poultry farming methods and the specific features of the production facilities:

  • Roof Exhaust Ventilation System for Poultry Plants. The exhaust fans are installed on the roof or at the end of the buildings, and the inflow valves are mounted on the sidewalls and on the roof . This system is considered the best solution for monoblock facilities (where up to six production halls are constructed under the same roof) and is suitable for use in the moderate and cold climate. The roof ventilation system minimizes the risk of poultry exposure to the cold outside air.
  • Lengthwise Ventilation System for Poultry House. When this option is used, the exhaust fans are installed at the end of the poultry plant building, while the inflow valves are located at the front part of the building and along the walls. The lengthwise ventilation system drives the air flow along the facility area and is perfectly suitable for the regions with hot climate.
  • Tunnel Ventilation System for Broiler and Hen Poultry Plants. This is another configuration of the lengthwise ventilation system, where the large exhaust fans installed at the end of the building drive large quantities of the air, while the lateral or frontal inflow windows result in the high-speed air inflow, creating the so-called “breeze effect”. The tunnel ventilation systems are perfect for hot climate regions.
  • Combi-Tunnel (Transitional) Forced Ventilation System for Poultry Plants. This system drives the air circulation with the gradual engagement of all ventilation capacities except for frontal inflow windows. This helps to achieve a smooth transition from maximum to minimum ventilation intensity during the inter-season period.

Every poultry plant exhaust ventilation system by TEXHA is fully automated. The user can control humidity, temperature, pressure, carbon dioxide content and ventilation intensity using a dedicated climate computer.

Unique Features of Poultry Plants with Cage Equipment

Arrangement of the ventilation system at the poultry plants using the cage equipment requires careful consideration of all the facility peculiarities and climatic conditions of the region. The key function of such a system is ensuring high-quality air circulation during the hot season, as well as supply of the maximum fresh air quantities during the cold season without creating any drafts at the poultry housing height. In order to successfully solve such tasks, the poultry plants using the cage equipment should include the wall-mounted, tunnel and combined stages.

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Benefits of Ordering Equipment at Online Store 

TEXHA is the leading manufacturer of the durable and reliable poultry farming equipment. We always consider the relevant needs of our customers and order only the best solutions to boost the poultry plant or farm performance and profitability.

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