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Poultry Plant Air Humidification

Creation of the favorable climatic conditions at the poultry plant is one of the key challenges in the poultry farming industries. For successful management of the flock of a certain age, it is highly important to follow specific recommendations not only in terms of the temperature range limits, but also in terms of the humidity level at the facility. In particular, inadequate poultry plant air humidification or dramatic humidity changes may result in the following adverse consequences:

  • The poultry growth and development slow down;
  • The flock may suffer from eye mucosa irritation and feather fragility;
  • The flock suffers from higher rate of respiratory diseases caused by the respiratory tract irritation;
  • The flock suffers from poor appetite and digestive disorders resulting in weight loss;
  • Poor flock survival rate.

Nevertheless, excessive poultry plant air humidification also has a negative impact on the flock\’s health. Excessive humidity reduces the thermal output and causes poor appetite. Moreover, too high humidity at the facility creates a favorable environment for propagation of the pathogenic germs and spread of the infectious diseases.

At our Online Store, you may find the state-of-art equipment for arrangement of the efficient air humidification at the poultry plant, the industrial poultry facility or the home poultry farm. The solutions we offer allow control over the humidity level at the poultry plant and reduction of the dust content in the air. Furthermore, such systems provide extra cooling of the facility and inhibition of the unpleasant odors.

Poultry Plant Air Humidification: TEXHA Equipment for Your Poultry Business

The poultry plant air humidification system usually acts as the part of the general microclimate management system, which also includes heating, ventilation and automation components. The humidity control equipment is selected depending on the specific condition at the poultry plant, such as facility specifications, climatic conditions, age and cross-breed of the flock.    

The key elements used to create the optimal air humidification processes at the poultry plant are the special evaporation panels. The panels are made of cellulose paper with cellular structure. The cellular panel design ensures the most efficient poultry plant air humidification under any climatic and operational conditions, since the panels achieve high moisture absorbance coefficient without compromising the paper strip shape.

Besides the humidification panels, the microclimate management systems also used the wall-mounted valve units. These devices are basically a large-sized air intake element mounted on the wall apertures. The wall-mounted valves ensure high-quality air inflow during the warm time of the day and close during the colder period. The valve opening and closing is triggered by the microclimate controller command.

The poultry plant air humidification systems by TEXHA are manufactured using the innovative technologies and the state-of-art equipment. All devices pass the strict multi-stage quality control, and the production processes comply with the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Benefits of Ordering Poultry Plant Air Humidification Equipment at Our Store

TEXHA is one of the leading suppliers of the microclimate management systems for poultry farms. We offer the most efficient solutions to improve the production performance and boost the poultry business profitability. Equipment by TEXHA is a guarantee of high quality, performance and reliability.

Besides the equipment sales, our service offering also includes design of the customized poultry plant air humidification systems. Our expert team will be glad to design a customized solution to meet the unique needs of your business after careful consideration of the specifications of your facility and the climatic conditions in the area where your site is located. We also offer the turnkey equipment installation service, as well as the warranty and post-warranty repair and maintenance throughout the entire service life of the climatic systems.   

If you need to arrange a high-quality air humidification system at your poultry plant or farm, please, feel free to call us or contact us by e-mail. Our expert managers will help you to select the most suitable equipment option to meet your needs, gladly answer all your questions and assist you with placing your order