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Poultry Plant Cooling

In the hot climatic zones, or during the hot season, the temperature at the poultry plant may rise and exceed the desired upper limits. This may have an immediate negative impact on the flock conditions: the birds may overheat and suffer from severe stress, consume less feed, less weight and get sick more often. However, too low temperatures also negatively affect the flock. The birds housed at the too cold facilities consume feed to produce more heat, rather than to gain weight, which results in the excess use of feed and decrease of the total flock weight values. In order to avoid such issues, it is essential to arrange correct heating and cooling of the poultry plant.

On our website, you may find the state-of-art equipment for creation of the favorable microclimate conditions at your facility. We offer the poultry plant heating and cooling systems suitable for large poultry plants, small poultry farms and private poultry business.

Poultry Plant Cooling: Evaporation Panels by TEXHA

The evaporation panels with cellular design offered by TEXHA are a perfect solution to ensure efficient humidification and cooling of the poultry plant, adjust the humidity and ensure natural air conditioning. These units offer the following benefits:

  • Designed using thr innovative technologies. The panels perfectly perform according to their intended purpose under any climatic and operational conditions.
  • Made of cellulose paper with cellular structure. The paper is soaked with a special odor-free resin. Such design ensures the high moisture absorbance coefficient without compromising the panel shape.
  • Cellular shape of the paper strips crossing at the angle with the symmetrical air flow ensures consistent poultry plant cooling with minimal pressure drop.
  • The panels are available with a height between 1 and 2 meters.

The evaporation panels are recommended to use together with the ventilation systems as part of the general microclimate control system. In such a case, the additional poultry plant cooling will be also achieved thanks to the consistent ventilation of the facility.

Poultry Plant Hearing System by TEXHA

Poultry plant cooling and heating systems are the inter-complementary solutions, which ensure creation of the optimal microclimate conditions at the facility. The most cost-efficient solutions that ensure the highest industrial facility heating performance are the direct eating units.

TEXHA offers the indoor heating systems for poultry plants installed inside the facilities. These systems may use two types of the heat generators: suspended models and mobile models, which create the differently directed air flows. The heat generator housing is made of stainless steel. The system has an automated ignition feature and the winter/summer mode switch, which allows use of the heat generator as the acceleration fan during the hot seasons. Thanks to the wide scope of functions, the poultry plant heating system helps to control and adjust both the temperature and the humidity values.

If required, our expert team will gladly help you to select the most suitable solutions for arrangement of the cost-efficient poultry plant cooling and heating systems at your facility.

Benefits of Ordering Climatic Equipment at Our Online Store 

TEXHA is a leading supplier of the poultry farming equipment for poultry plants of any scale. We carefully consider the needs, tasks and challenges of our customers to offer the best solutions to boost the production process performance and increase the poultry business profits.

  • The equipment we offer passes the multi-stage testing and strict quality control. Each poultry plant heating system complies with the highest international standards, including ISO 9001:2015.
  • All equipment is covered by the warranty with a period of up to 1 year. If you discover any factory defects, we will refund the cost of the defective product or replace it with the new unit (provided that the product has not been in use, and the original kit and package are preserved).
  • We offer the warranty and post-warranty repair and maintenance throughout the entire service life of the system.
  • If our standard solutions do not meet your unique needs, our expert team will gladly develop a customized design of any complexity based on the specifications of your poultry farming facility. We also offer turnkey installation and supervised installation services.
  • We guarantee prompt delivery to most countries of the World (including the door-to-door delivery directly at your warehouse).

To order the poultry plant cooling system or learn more about ordering the equipment at our Online Store, please contact us by any means available, e.g. by telephone or by e-mail. Our expert manager will readily answer your questions and assist you with placing the order