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Gas Heat Generator

The well-designed poultry plant hearing system is one of the key factors that contribute to the efficient poultry business operation. The favorable climatic conditions at the facility improve the flock growth and development rate, weight gain rate and reduce the disease rate. The optimal climatic conditions at the poultry plant can be achieved through use of the heating system based on the industrial gas heat generators. The use of these devices offers a number of benefits:

  • The premises of any area are heated within the shortest possible time;
  • The heated area is evenly distributed across the space;
  • The gas heat generators for air heating are fueled by the natural or liquified gas (propane/butane) to reduce the general heating costs;
  • There are no risks of the system freezing;
  • 90–100% performance coefficient, provided the correct installation and operation.

At our website, you may find reliable heat generators for arrangement of the air heating system of any complexity.

Gas Heat Generators: Common Types and Unique Design Features

The industrial gas heat generators for air heating are classified as the indirect heating devices. The unit design consists of the heat exchanger, the fan, the air torch, the air duct and the fuel combustion chamber. During the unit operation, the cold air is supplied to the gas heat generator by the fan. Inside the unit, the air flow is heated via the air flow and supplied to the facility via the heat exchanger, where it evenly distributes across the premises.

  • Industrial gas heat generator is a high-quality and reliable equipment made of strong and durable stainless steel.
  • The unit is equipped with the electronic flame stabilization system (to automatically adjust the burning process) and the thermostat for protection against overheating.
  • The equipment has a special summer / winter operation mode, thanks to which the heat generator can be used as the fan during the hot season. This eliminates the idle time of the equipment and offers significant cost savings on the climatic equipment.
  • A dedicated automated fan thermostat regulates the hot air circulation and provides pre- and post-ventilation function.
  • The gas heat generator can be connected to the climatic computer to arrange a centralized temperature control system at the facility. The unit also has the connectivity options for thermostat, timer and hygrostat.
  • Industrial heat generator operates with low-voltage control and low pressure, which makes it the most suitable solution for autonomous heating system arrangement at the various industrial facilities.
  • The sophisticated heater design offers the easy installation and maintenance.

At our Online Store, you may find the various models of gas heat generators for air heating systems with different heating, air circulation  and production capacity, as well as with various installation options (suspended and stationary units).

Benefits of Ordering Industrial Heat Generators at TEXHA Online Store

TEXHA is a major distributor of the state-of-art specialized equipment for arrangement of the efficient microclimate control system at the poultry farms, livestock farms and industrial facilities. We offer only the most reliable at durable units at the attractive terms:

  • High product quality. Each gas heat generator for air heating system available at our catalogue has passed the multi-stage testing and complies with the highest quality standards. All products are covered by the warranty with a period of up to 3 years (depending on the model).
  • Affordable prices. Since the equipment is supplied directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, the price of the units does not include the retail margins. Moreover, we offer a flexible discount system for wholesale customers that purchase at least 10 units.
  • Individual approach. Where required, our expert team will willingly advise you regarding any matters and help you to select the gas-fueled heat generator to best meet your needs, requirements and fit into the specific design of your poultry plant or other industrial facility.
  • Prompt delivery. The equipment available at the warehouse at the time of the order is shipped within 7 business days. We deliver our products to most countries of the World and offer door-to-door delivery to the customer’s warehouse.
  • Turnkey heating system development. Our service offering includes design and installation of the customized hearing systems. At the design and development stage, our expert team will carefully consider the specific features of your facility and offer the most suitable solution to create the favorable climatic conditions on site and ensure the most cost-efficient operation.

Want to learn more about the ordering, payment and delivery terms? Please, feel free to call our contact telephone number, and our manager will gladly answer your questions and assist you with placing your order.