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Poultry Plant Microclimate

Creation and maintenance of the optimal microclimate conditions at the poultry house is a key prerequisite for achievement of the sustainable flock growth and high egg-laying performance of the hen. If the temperature conditions inside the facility fail to meet the veterinary standards, this may immediately negatively affect the conditions of the birds, resulting in slower development, higher disease rate and poor survival. This not only causes decrease of the production performance, but also impacts the business profitability in general. Microclimate management systems by TEXHA are complex solutions for creation of the required conditions inside the poultry plants regardless of its area and location.

Poultry Plant Microclimate: Ventilation Arrangement

High temperatures at the housing facility inhibit the pullet growth, reduce the hen egg-laying performance and compromise the egg quality. The poultry plant microclimate management system by TEXHA helps to create correct ventilation at the facility to ensure the following:

  • Continuous fresh air inflow and necessary circulation;
  • Natural elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • Timely cooling of the poultry plant.

The necessary air circulation at the facility is ensured through arrangement of the natural or forced ventilation system. In particular, the tunnel forced ventilation is a good option to maintain the microclimate conditions  at the facility, ensure timely cooling and normalize the humidity values. When such system is installed, the high-pressure air flow enters and exits through the inlet louvers driven by an axial duct fan

The similarly efficient solutions are the fogging systems, acceleration fans and evaporation cooling systems that allow maintenance of the desired microclimate conditions during any season.

Poultry Plant Microclimate Systems for temperature Conditions Maintenance

Although the chickens tolerate the low temperatures well, the flock housing in the cool environment results in poor cost-efficiency: in order to get warm, the birds consume significantly more feed without weight gain and lay less eggs resulting in a waste of feed. TEXHA’s heating systems ensure optimal microclimate conditions at the poultry facility and offer continuous monitoring of the temperature values.

Depending on the needs of your business, in our catalogue, you may find the gas and diesel heat generators in various configurations offering a number of operational benefits:

  • Cheaper and more cost-efficient heat generation as compared to the centralized heating systems;
  • High performance factor;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • High fuel efficiency;
  • Automated temperature control and adjustment.

The heat generators can be used to maintain the desired temperature conditions at the large poultry plants and farms. If our standard solutions do not meet your needs for any reasons, our expert design team may develop a customized poultry plant microclimate management system according to your unique requirements.

Professional Poultry Plant Microclimate Management System by TEXHA  

TEXHA’s microclimate management systems are professional equipment designed to meet the relevant needs and solve the current tasks of the modern poultry farming businesses. Our equipment helps to solve a number of urgent issues, drive profitability and boost the production performance.

In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the poultry plant microclimate management system, we offer a turnkey equipment selection and installation service. Our expert team will prepare the necessary calculations, study the specific needs of your business, develop the ventilation and heating system arrangement recommendations and, where required, perform installation and commissioning of all necessary units (installation of heaters and cooling systems, construction of the ventilation trunks) and set the automated poultry plant microclimate controller. As a result, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency. Reduced energy and poultry plant heating costs.
  • Flexible adjustment system. The poultry plant microclimate controller will measure and monitor the humidity and temperature values depending on the weather conditions.
  • Convenient operation. TEXHA’s systems are durable, reliable, easy to use and maintain.
  • Increased profitability. Under comfortable climatic conditions, the birds will grow faster, and the hen egg-laying performance will improve.

Our engineers are ready to offer a solution even for non-standard and complicated facilities at the poultry plants or home poultry farms.

Benefits of Ordering Poultry Plant Microclimate Systems at TEXHA Online Store

TEXHA is a major manufacturer of innovative industrial poultry farming equipment. In our catalogue, you may find the high-quality and high-performing devices for creation and maintenance of favorable climatic conditions and arrangement of the well-designed ventilation systems.

  • Equipment supplied by TEXHA is manufactured at the factory using the innovative technologies and the top-tier raw materials. The devices pass the strict quality control at all stages of production and are tested to ensure compliance with the highest international standards.
  • In order to create proper climatic conditions at the poultry plant, it is essential to employ the complex approach, therefore we offer not only the auxiliary equipment, but also the complete well-designed systems.
  • We deliver our products to all regions to most countries of the World. The particulars related to the microclimate system installation service are agreed with each individual customer.
  • All products are covered by the warranty with duration of up to 3 years depending on the product type.

Looking for a reliable microclimate control system to optimize the poultry plant processes? The expert managers of our Online Store will help you to select the most suitable equipment to best meet the needs of your business. Please, feel free to call or contact us using the feedback form to get a detailed consultation regarding available products and learn more about placing the order.