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Litter Removal Belt

The quality of litter removal and egg collection process implementation at a poultry farm directly affects both the overall sanitary conditions in the poultry house and the business performance in general. In the catalog of our Online Store, you may find a wide range of high-performance polypropylene litter removal belts manufactured by TEXHA. Our products comply with applicable national and international quality standards, including ISO 9001-9002, and are successfully in more than 30 countries globally.

Litter Removal Belts by TEXHA: Common Types and Unique Features

The litter removal belt is constantly exposed to the poultry biological waste, which, besides water, also contains all kinds of chemical compounds and undigested large particles. If the belt is made of poor material, it will not withstand such mechanical and chemical stress and will tear quickly – this, in turn, can lead to malfunctions of the entire litter removal system and failure to comply with sanitary requirements. In contrast to the similar products of lower quality, TEXHA’s litter removal belt is unique in its high performance, durability, resistance to aggressive environments, and easily withstands minor mechanical damage.

At out Online Store, you may order the following types of the litter removal belts for poultry farming facilities:

  • Polypropylene Belts. These are the unique product developed by TEXHA’s expert design team. The polypropylene belt is manufactured of the top-tier polypropylene formulation using the innovative technologies. The polypropylene litter removal belt is highly resistant to salts, alkali and acids.
  • Rubberized-Fabric Belts. This belt type is represented by the BKNL-65 model used in the inclined and crosswise litter unloading conveyors that carry the litter beyond the facility. The rubberized-fabric litter removal belt is manufactured of special rubberized-fabric materials is highly resistant to chemical, biological, mechanical impacts.

The products available at our store ensure long and stable operation of the entire litter removal system. Our belts are suitable for use at poultry farming plants of any scale.

Polypropylene Litter Removal Belts for Poultry Plants: Key Benefits

The polypropylene litter removal belt by TEXHA is the optimal solution for use in the automatic litter removal systems and offers the following benefits:

  • High resistance to the aggressive environments and the majority of the organic solvents;
  • Wide operational temperature range between 10 and 60°С;
  • Flexible and elastic design capable of withstanding significant tensile loads;
  • Suitable for use in the harsh environment and handling of the aggressive agents;
  • Easy to install, maintain and clean using the scarpers.

Litter removal belt by TEXHA is perfectly safe for poultry health and environment and does not emit any toxic compounds, if used within the specified temperature range.

TEXHA Egg Collection Belts 

TEXHA egg collection belts are used in the automated egg collection systems. They allow fresh eggs to be immediately removed from the nest, thereby preventing birds from contaminating or pecking the product. The advantages of TEXHA egg collection belts are as follows:

  • High durability and elasticity due to the special weaving method;
  • High reliability and wear-resistance;
  • Easy to operate and maintain, compatible with water, not susceptible to the propagation of fungus and mold;
  • Careful egg collection and gentle handling of the product.

Use of  the egg collection belts minimizes the product loss, as eggs are protected against damage and microcracks during handling.

Why It Is Better to Order Litter Removal and Egg Collection Belts at TEXHA Online Store?

Our website offers high-quality egg collection and litter removal belts for use at the industrial and poultry farming facilities.

  • TEXHA products are designed with consideration to the relevant needs of the poultry businesses and are made of the virgin raw materials using the modern manufacturing techniques.
  • Each batch of the poultry plant litter removal and egg collection belts passes strict quality control to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • Our complex manufacturing approach allows us to offer equipment capable of successfully solving real-life practical tasks and optimizing the flock management processes to boost the poultry business profitability.
  • All products by TEXHA are covered by the quality warranty. We deliver our equipment to all regions around the World.
  • Where required, our design engineers will gladly develop for you a customized egg collection or litter removal system after careful consideration of the size and unique features of your facility.

To learn more about the litter removal belt ordering or get an expert consultation from our team , please contact us using any preferred communication channel: call us or leave a request via the feedback form on our website.