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Poultry feed pan

High-quality and ergonomic feed pan is a key element of the entire feeding system. The flock growth and development, as well as the cost-effectiveness of production processes, depend directly on how well it meets the needs of the farm. If the birds do not have free access to the feed, they are underfed and develop slowly. On the other hand, when the birds are overfed, they may scatter the feed around the aviary resulting in overconsumption of feed, mixing with litter and creating poor sanitary conditions.

At our Online Store you may find versatile poultry feed pans and drinkers manufactured by TEXHA company. The equipment is designed to meet the current needs of poultry farms and complies with high international and national quality standards. TEXHA’s flagship product is KoChiBo chicken feed pan. The device features adjustable design and can be used for birds of any age. The feed pan consistently supplies the birds with feed and prevents spillage and overconsumption of feed.


TEXHA multipurpose feed pans and drinkers for chickens

TEXHA company offers functional poultry drinkers and feed pans for the efficient management of the livestock. The equipment can be used in farming broilers, pullets, laying hens and breeders.  

  • The equipment present in Online Store is produced of the first-class raw materials that are completely safe for the health of the poultry.
  • Poultry feed pans and drinkers are made of food-grade materials without any adhesive agents, so the feedstock is not contaminated with any toxic substances, thus ensuring high quality of feed and potable water.
  • The products have excellent durability, which prevents all kinds of mechanical damage during installation or transport.
  • TEXHA drinkers and feed pans are resistant to deformation and aggressive environments and can be easily washed.
  • The equipment can be used for both floor housing and cage housing.

The devices undergo the strictest quality control and testing to ensure compliance with current standards at all stages of production.

KoChiBo multipurpose feed pan

The KoChiBo chicken feed pan is the result of common design efforts combining the expertise and experience of TEXHA engineers and Japanese partners. The key advantage of this device is its unique design driving superb performance characteristics:

  • The proposed chicken feed pan has six levels to adjust the original size.
  • A low rim height ensures the broiler chicks can easily reach the feed from the very first day of life.
  • Special arms impede the week-old chicks from climbing into the feed pan. The options with eight and sixteen arms are available depending on the final target weight of the flock.
  • Feed spreader has wide diameter to prevent the bridging of feed.
  • Curved flange and plastic fins impede the birds to freely walk inside the pan, thus eliminating the feed scattering and spilling.
  • The chicken feed pan features sliding W-shaped dish that firmly sits into a litter bedding to ensure even distribution of feed.
  • The device is compatible with any feeds, including the feeds with high fat content.
  • Comfortable design of feed pan allows easy installation and adjustment. The devices can be easily disassembled and stacked for handling.
  • Thoroughly designed feed pan shape enables reduction of the device material consumption. This solution ensures perfect feeding guidelines compliance at the attractive affordable price.

Adaptable feed pan dish makes it possible to regulate its depth, which is crucial for feeding the day-old broiler chicks. The chicks are able to easily find and have consistent free access to the feed, which promotes their quick growth. As the flock grows, the pan depth can be extended by rotating the feed pan frame relatively to the bottom.

Benefits from purchasing the feed pan at TEXHA Online Store

TEXHA Online Store offers high-quality feed pans for chickens, complex feeding and drinking systems for creation of favorable poultry management conditions both at the major poultry plants and small home farms. We offer the multi-purpose equipment that solves several problems relevant for the poultry farming, increases the production performance, improves the cost effectiveness and boosts the process profitability.

Our service list also includes design and installation of customized turnkey feeding systems. If the ready-to-use equipment we offer does not meet the needs of your poultry farm due to any objective reasons, our engineers may design customizable complex solutions for your business with consideration to the specifics of your facility and according to your unique requirements.

In order to purchase our poultry feed pans and drinkers, learn more about customized TEXHA feeding system ordering or discuss the details of your order, please call us or use the callback feature via online callback form. Our manager will contact you to advise you on any order-related matter and help you to confirm your order.