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Broiler Feeder

Rational use of feed in the poultry business is one of the key factors driving the performance and cost-efficiency of the flock management. Automated broiler feeders by TEXHA enable    optimization of the poultry feeding processes and significant increase of the production productivity. Our equipment ensures the following:

  • Optimal feed supply in a quantity required in compliance with the daily consumption guidelines for both chicks and adult birds;
  • Elimination of the feed losses during the feeding process;
  • High-quality weight gain and improved egg-laying performance of the birds;
  • Reduced operator involvement and lower energy costs;
  • Consistent growth of the enterprise economic performance.

The equipment available in our catalogue is a unique proprietary solution designed by our company or our partners. Our products are manufactured at the own factories of the top-tier raw materials using the state-of-art technologies. Each broiler feeder complies with the highest international quality standards.

TEXHA Broiler Feeders for Poultry Floor Management 

Broiler chick feeders by TEXHA combine the innovative developments, high quality, reliability and functionality. For farmers using the conventional farming methods, we offer ready-to-use systems and components for implementation of the comprehensive flock feeding processes:

  • Feed hoppers, feed bins;
  • Feed distribution chains;
  • Steel feed supply pipes;
  • External feed bin weighing systems;
  • Springs used in the spiral feed supply systems;
  • Capacitance probes for automated feeder filling;
  • Adapters, clamps, dropdown cups.

The key component of TEXHA’ automated feeding system is a KoChiBo broiler feeder with convenient adjustable design, i.e. movable bottom and shiftable body frame. As the flock grows, this design enables feeding line adjustment and control of the supplied feed quality. Low feeder edge enables easy access to feed for chicks after the very first day of flock loading, while the dedicated beams  limit the week-old bird entry inside the feeder. Another advantage of this model lies in its convenient curved flanges and movement restricting blades that prevent feed from scattering.

KoChiBo poultry feeder is made of inherently safe food-grade raw materials. The feeder can be easily disassembled and washed (including, in hot water). It is resistant to aggressive environments and deformation. This feeder model can be used starting from the very first days of the chick\’s life.

Durable Feeders for Broiler Cages

TEXHA manufactures the broiler cage feeders and spare parts for feed distribution systems of various types (auger type, chain type, hopper type). In our product portfolio, you may find everything you need in order to implement the automated feeding processes at your poultry farm or poultry plant:

  • 45 mm and 90 mm diameter piper for lengthwise and crosswise feeding systems;
  • Feed distribution chains;
  • Springs (augers) used for feed handling inside the pipes;
  • Feed hoppers;
  • Capacitance probes used for automated feeder filling;
  • Storage feed bins for bulky feeds.

Feed Bins for Poultry Farming

Our company offers feed bins for bulky and granulated feeds of varying volume: options between  0,9 m3 and 34,6 m3 are available. Depending on the specific needs of your plant, you may find the models compatible with pneumatic, mechanical or manual loading systems. High performance characteristics, durability and reliability of our products is achieved thanks to the manufacturing technology used: the bins are made of strong corrugated steel with zinc plating, which protects the structure surfaces against corrosion and mechanical damages.

Benefits of Feeder Purchase at TEXHA Online Store 

TEXHA manufactures and supplies high-quality broiler feeders and state-of-art feeding systems enabling improvement of the production process performance and increase of the poultry farm profitability.

  • We offer only state-of-art high-performing solutions. When designing the broiler chick feeders, our design engineers review in detail the existing needs of both major poultry plants and small farms. The equipment available at the website can be adapted to any premises and conditions.
  • All feeders and spare parts are manufactured at TEXHA’s hi-tech plant and pass multiple quality control steps. We are proud to offer durable wear-resistant products that will reliably serve your needs throughout multiple rearing cycles.
  • All automated broiler feeders and additional equipment are covered by warranty for up to 3 years.
  • The products can be delivered to any regions of other CIS countries. We also offer warehouse door-to-door delivery.

In order to purchase TEXHA’s feeders or learn more about ordering terms, please feel free to call us or contact us using the online feedback form.