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Equipment for poultry farms

TEXHA is a manufacturer of modern technological equipment for poultry farms and domestic poultry farming. Our catalog contains functional and practical equipment for solving a wide range of tasks for keeping and growing poultry.
We offer both cage free and cage-based poultry equipment for broiler and laying hen management, including, but not limited to egg handling and grading systems, feeding lines, litter removal, climate control solutions, automated harvesting and flock depopulation facilities.

In the catalog you can find the necessary equipment for farm and industrial poultry farming at competitive prices:
– feeding lines;
– feed hoppers;
– silos;
– water treatment systems that allow keeping records of the amount of water consumed, ensuring the required quality and quantity of the supplied liquid;
– mechanical self-cleaning water filters with pressure reducers;
– medicators for automatic supply of specialized additives and medicines to the drinking system;
– profitable solutions for both large factories and small farms;
– climatic equipment for poultry;
– deep litter system;
– egg handling, grading and packing machines;
– automated litter removal conveyors

We offer effective solutions for egg production, broiler rearing, poultry keeping from one-day-old chicks. If necessary, we are ready to develop equipment for a turnkey poultry farm, taking into account the characteristics of your farm.
Buying products for poultry houses in our online store, you can be sure that you will receive a quality product that will last you as long as possible.
We are always focused on our customers, therefore, when developing equipment, we take into account the current needs and difficulties of poultry enterprises. This approach allows us to produce the most functional and economical devices that solve real problems.
All equipment for poultry farms and poultry houses are guaranteed for up to 3 years (depending on the specifics of the product).

To order equipment for poultry houses, to clarify the details of product delivery to different regions, please contact us at the contact phone number, or by ordering a call back through the form on the website. Our manager will answer your questions, help with the selection of solutions for your tasks.